The Twelve Realms by A.D. Sloane

Book Summary: There are messages told through language. There are messages told through symbols. And there are messages told through terror. Nabii Akachi, a young Moorish royal, unveils a series of cryptic messages and discovers her dreams are linked to an ages-old mystical prophecy with global implications. The Twelve Realms is a historical re imagining […]

How My Daughters See Me

ShareTweetPin I recently attended a sophisticated party. Beautifully adorned women, smartly dressed men. I sat and observed the wonder of human interaction. How we dip and pirouette in and out of conversations with sighs, laughs, and head curtsies. Then I observed one elegant woman sit upon the out-of-the-way leather couch, off to herself, pull out […]

Emily Blunt: ‘It’s about human beings and how they’re affected by a crisis’

Now postponed because of coronavirus, A Quiet Place 2 explores a world untethered by fear. Its star discusses parenthood, in film and real life, and her terror of doing SNL Emily Blunt and her husband, A Quiet Place, 2017s harrowing self-isolation horror hit. I always say that Macallan 12 sponsored A Quiet Place, says Blunt. […]