Last Song and Dance by Christopher Woods

Last Song and Dance by Christopher Woods Story Summary LAST SONG AND DANCE is an illustrated novel which tells the grim story of Cy Sullivan, failed alcoholic author who has returned to his hometown after years of scandal and disgrace, not in triumph but simply to die. He has but a week to compose his […]

Yeah, Makes Sense: Adam Silver Has Added An Asterisk Next To Every NBA Record That Was Broken Before 1978 After Seeing Some Old Highlights Where The Players Straight Up Look Like Shit

The great NBA players of the past are among the most celebrated athletes in professional sports, but it looks like Adam Silver just added a bit of perspective to these legends’ accomplishments: After watching some old NBA highlights, the commissioner has added an asterisk next to every record that was broken before 1978, because the […]

The Prize by Geoffrey M. Cooper 

Book Summary What does it take to win a Nobel Prize? Deceit, fraud, even murder? Set in the competitive world of cutting-edge medical research, The Prize is a science thriller in which jealousy over the discovery of a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease leads to fraud, betrayal and violence. Pam Weller makes the discovery of a […]

Ta-Nehisi Coates is the neoliberal face of the black freedom struggle | Cornel West

The disagreement between Coates and me is clear: his view of black America is narrow and dangerously misleading Ta-Nehisi Coates apolitical pessimism gained such wide acceptance? Coates and I come from a great tradition of the black freedom struggle. He represents the neoliberal wing that sounds militant about white supremacy but renders black fightback invisible. […]