If you want to support trans rights, then decriminalize sex work

“You literally can’t support trans people while also supporting criminal laws that overwhelmingly target them,”adult performer Lorelei Lee tweeted on Tuesday.“[F]or a group called the National Organization for Women to tell women & femme workers that we can’t be believed because we’re controlled by men is just the fucking height of hypocrisy.” Lee’s tweets, while […]

Theranos documentary review: The Inventors horrifying optimism

A blood-splattered Theranos machine nearly pricks an employee struggling to fix it. This gruesome graphical rendering is what you’ll walk away with from HBO’s “The Inventor.” It finally gives a visual to the startup’s laboratory fraud detailed in words by John Carreyrou’s book “Bad Blood.” The documentary that premiered tonight at Sundance Film Festival explores […]

Senate confirms new FCC Commissioners Carr and Starks

The Senate has officially confirmed the incoming FCC commissioners, Brendan Carr and Geoffrey Starks have been officially confirmed by the Senate for their five-year terms. This completes the five-seat commission, which is required to be balanced between the two parties — today’s additions bring it to three Republicans and two Democrats. Carr, nominated and previously […]

A teacher shared a simple gift a student gave her, and it’s seriously the sweetest thing.

A child gave a teacher a simple gift that’s bringing people to tears. It’s not what you give, but the thought and sacrifice behind what you give that counts. And this gift a teacher received is so thoughtful and sacrificial it hurts. Facebook user and elementary school teacher Rachel Uretsky-Pratt shared a photo of a […]