Amnesty International latest to slam surveillance giants Facebook and Google as incompatible with human rights

Human rights charity Amnesty International is the latest to call for reform of surveillance capitalism — blasting the business models of “surveillance giants” Facebook and Google in a new report which warns the pair’s market dominating platforms are “enabling human rights harm at a population scale”. “[D]espite the real value of the services they provide, […]

Straight Outta Context: The 5 Most Misused & Abused Bible Verses

ShareTweetPin In a previous article that I wrote, titled 9 Unbiblical Statements That Christians Believe, it opened with the following statements: “One of the greatest gifts that God gave mankind was the Holy Bible because the Bible is literally God revealing Himself and communicating Himself to mankind in written word.” The Word of God is an absolute […]

Narcissists May Lack A Fundamental Ability When It Comes To Making Decisions

Narcissists may lack the ability to make decisions based on thoughtful interpretation and critical thinking and even when wrong, individuals with narcissistic traits may be unable to effectively reflect on their answer. To come to these conclusions, researchers assessed traits typically associated with narcissism, such as impulsiveness and cognitive reflection, as well as two types […]