How to Feel Sexy by Amine Salhi

Book Summary:

Want to wield your sexy mindset and confidence to your advantage?

Gone are the days where you can be sexy by the way you dress and groom. Today, sexiness is more than what you see. It has something more to do with a je ne sais quoionly a few people have. Real sexiness can’t be manufactured. Those who have dynamic attractiveness draw people in even without making an effort.

Sexiness is a state of mind that starts deep within yourself. It is more than the physical and superficial concepts that others tend to prioritize. When it comes to manifesting one’s sexual energy, most people start on the wrong footing.

Bring your sexy back one page at a time with Amine Salhi’s How to Feel Sexy: The Art and Science of Feeling Sexy and Being Confident!

Discover the simple yet effective ways on how to express your sexuality. Channel your sexual energy without relying on material objects. Amine Salhi’smanual delves deeper into the authentic meaning of one’s confidence and allure as a mindset.

The universal concepts discussed in this book applies to everyone. Captivate anyone’s attention at will. Use the book’s wisdom to form good and healthy habits and effective techniques on how to flirt using verbal and nonverbal cues.

Visualize your desires and let this book pave the path for you to find the best version of yourself. Develop a positive ambiance and redefine your romantic and social life while being guided by an expert.

In this eBook, you’ll encounter:

✅Self-care strategies and cues for affirmations and visualization

✅Flirting techniques for all ages and gender

✅Tips on stress management and body language

✅ Helpful guidelines for diet, exercise and sleep

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Amazon Reviews:

“The Art of Feeling Sexy is an informative book about how to be and feel sexy whether you are single or partnered. This book takes a far different approach than what most would anticipate because it does not focus on superficial things like clothing, makeup, and pickup lines. A lot of people believe that sexiness is an innate quality that you are born with, but this book explains that it is a quality that anyone can develop. Salhi’s main idea in this book is that sexiness is a mindset and not just a physical trait. It is about confidence, self-esteem, and self-care more than anything else.

The book does a great job providing helpful tips and detailed strategies to help you feel sexy again. It has some universal concepts that could apply to anyone, but others are specific to either singles or people in a relationship. The beginning of the book explains how to establish the right mindset through visualization and affirmations. It goes on to explain how to flirt with people through words and body language. There is also information about how to create ambiance and a positive mood in your home to invite romance into your life. Most importantly, it explains how to take care of yourself so that you can become the best version of yourself through stress management, a healthy diet, exercise, and sleep. Overall, this is a great book for anyone who wants to feel sexy again whether you are single or in a relationship.”