How to write a book

Learn How To Write A Book In Few Simple And Easy Steps

Budding with ideas, and now want to settle down by penning them down on your notepad? Well this is what you do when you are writing a book, and this is actually as simple as that. Why you make it complicated is because you often think that writing a book has got some formulas to do with. But o the contrary there is no such formula. It’s up to you, and you may actually take a week or a whole year or just 10 years to complete a book. However, when you take it as a career, then you would not allow yourself that much time to complete a book, that you keep yourself and your family starving. Well its then that you will need a little amount of discipline to understand how to write a book and how to complete it.



The common concerns

The common concerns of a new author, who may have dozens of ideas filling his mind every now and then to pen down, but doesn’t have the idea or confidence to start with it, or may be clueless as to how to structure the book, will have to take it steady and organized to plan things.

Again a new writer will come up with concerns about creating characters, narrating the story, using the right person and tense, and focus on the whole concept and finish it without getting distracted. Now these simple tips and steps to writing a book discussed here will guide you through the organized way of framing a book and completing it.

How to write a book – plan it right

The first step towards writing a book is to frame the whole story, idea or concept in mind. You will have to talk to yourself and discuss first that what exactly you want to write, portray and show you your readers. This is how to develop the concept. Great idea is the stepping stone for the book, and the better the concept is, the closer you will be towards success. Writing something common is not a bad thing, but presenting that common concept with a fresh twist is the trick, which many good authors slowly learn and master and gets success, and when you also master that then you finally get to know how to write a book.


Sketching the characters

While writing the book, and framing the story or concept, you will be designing characters, and this is a crucial thing. A book becomes interesting when the subject and object in it are interesting, and this comes with the characters. When characters are interesting, the book automatically becomes irresistible. Hence creating characters which are 3 dimensional and can be perceived easily be the readers, while the readers deem the characters as unique and having their own nature is very essential. When you know how to start writing a book, then you must also learn how to study people to bring in realistic characters inside your stories.

Setting the deadline

As you will know how to write a book, you will come to know that writing is a task of pure concentration, imagination, and focus. If you can’t focus, you won’t be able to write. The brain also gets tired easily when you write at a stretch; and without even knowing, you subconsciously take more time, take larger breaks, and stretch it too far. To avoid these things which will make you complete it much late, you should set deadlines for yourself. Unless you do so, you will never be able to complete the writing by a certain time. Later when you are done with your writing, you will have to inquire how to publish a book.