List of self publishers

You Would Need the List Of Self Publishers After Your Are Done With Your Writing

So you have completed your latest book, and are now thinking of self publishing, and are thinking of options. Well if that is the case, then you will be happy to know that there are so many self publishing companies, and the list of self publishers consists of both paid and free publishers, whom you may use as per your wish once you come to know what offers and features they are giving.


Why go for a list of self publishers and the role of self publishing websites

While there are several companies in the list of self publishing book companies, you can find a paper printing self publisher in your local are through a little research only, and you will only need the local yellow pages for that. This won’t be a tedious search. But trust it, you are not after a publisher where you are going to spend a high volume of money. Rather you are after a publisher who will give you the opportunity, platform, guidance, and selling tools for your ebook, and this requires little or no investment, which again depends from platform to platform.

The norms differ, as the policies of the online self publishing companies differ. Some of the companies will offer you a larger portion of the royalty on a sale, and some companies will give you great tools to market the book or promote the book. Some will offer you good printing amenities for novels, while some will offer you nice templates for a photo book. Thus, it all depends on how you plan it, and to help you with that, here is a list of self publishing websites, who would make it easy for you.



It’s a good platform among the list of self publishers. The company offers good online platform for photo book printing and the outcomes are nice to see. You can even print black and white novels, and the system is simple uploading via PDF files or manual use of the online software. It’s a free ebook maker, and when your book sells, it takes a small portion of the royalty. You can set your book price and take payment from them via Paypal.


This platform is for every kind of ebook making and selling. The platform is free and consultation is free. There are paid services like ISBN distribution and sales, and in case you design the cover through them. You can make maximum profit and get the highest distribution rights of your ebook when you do it via the Lulu platform. You get your payment from lulu through bank wire and Paypal, and you can set your own amount of royalty portion.


While you may have to pay negligible fees for ISBN, distribution and design etc, the main job of making and publishing the ebook is totally free when you do it with Wordclay. The platform is totally DIY, and good for novice writers.


If you have plans of distributing your ebook through the Amazon platform, then a good way to start is through self publishing your book using CreateSpace. This platform is a royalty free one, and is one of the decent options in the list of self publishers, who take no extra fees when books are sold through Amazon.

These are some of the platforms in the list of best self publishing companies, and again there are many more lined up, some friendly for the amateur writers, while some for the expert and pro writers. Now the choice is yours after you learn about them and the operating policies.