Online self publishing

Online Self Publishing Ensures That You Publish Your Book without Much Investment

Self publishing has been made real easy with great online self publishing sites, where some offer the service free, and others take a small fee or honorary charge to give you the platform for easy making of the ebook. But before you start preparing for self publishing, there a few things you must learn about online self publishing.


Why online self publishing

Well, the best way to start with, and do justice to the budding writer inside you is by making your creation public. You will often face much resistance in getting your piece elected by any acclaimed publisher. But there is one way you will not have to face any resistance, and won’t have to hop around from door to door of publishers with your piece, and that is by going the self publishing way.

Online self publishing is the smartest thing authors are doing nowadays, which is saving an author much money as they are not investing on getting their books printed on paper, and rather doing it the digital way. Another great advantage is that, when you are self publishing, you are at your own discretion, and you can make, edit, remove or keep whatever you want in your book, with very small investment or nothing at all. And when the book sells average to well, then you are the person taking the lion’s share of the royalty, while your online self publication platform may take a small commission. This is how it goes. It’s therefore evident to you, that you can actually make a lot of money when you writing gets public appraisal as the online ebook.

What are the advantages of publishing an ebook

The main advantages of publishing an ebook is that you can most of the time do it for free, or with little investment, which always comes back to you as a fat return once your book starts selling. This is also one good way for damage control in case your book doesn’t sell. That’ because if you print it on paper, then self publishing is quite costly compared to ebooks, and there is no surety and certainty that your book will sell even one copy. For new writers it’s totally a chance and luck factor, and therefore you must not invest too much initially for one book. Rather seeing the trend, and understanding the market is important as you gradually develop your writing skills, and ebook making skills through the smart self publishing websites.


How to sell your self published books

Self publishing books can be sold with a little effort, if you are serious and aware right from the beginning when you are creating the ebook, and tagging it, naming it, and giving the author name. No job online is don without marketing and optimization nowadays. And it’s the same in case of online self publishing too. The book name, and the author name, will be the two search items once the book starts selling or gets popular. But to make it smooth for the prospective buyers to find your book amongst the thousands of ebooks, you must try and name it as unique and nice as possible. Keeping it different, unique, sometimes striking or weird can help. Moreover, doing proper SEO and marketing the book name increase its chances of getting popular, catching attention and selling well.

Will you make profit?

Yes, you are closer to make profit when things go right. A good book, and a nice design for the ebook, an attractive name, and good optimization skills are the requirement to get you going, and luck does the work of cherry on the topping. If these are all placed right, you won’t have to look back with your ebook.