People Are So Not Here For JK Rowling’s Latest Discussion About Dumbledore’s Sexuality

John Phillips/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images These Tweets & Memes About JK Rowling Explaining Dumbledore’s Sexuality Are So Over It By Mehak Anwar 2 days ago Sorry folks, if you see JK Rowling trending on your Twitter feeds today it’s not because she’s releasing an eighth book. In a recent interview, the world-famous author revealed a […]

Law And Addiction by Mike Papantonio

Story Summary: Novelist Mike Papantonio Pulls Back The Curtain On America’s Deadly Opioid Epidemic In His Spellbinding Thriller LAW AND ADDICTION Mike Papantonio is a novelist who knows his material only too well. One of America’s top plaintiff’s lawyers, Pap – as he’s called by friends and colleagues – has taken on the tobacco companies, […]

If you want to support trans rights, then decriminalize sex work

“You literally can’t support trans people while also supporting criminal laws that overwhelmingly target them,”adult performer Lorelei Lee tweeted on Tuesday.“[F]or a group called the National Organization for Women to tell women & femme workers that we can’t be believed because we’re controlled by men is just the fucking height of hypocrisy.” Lee’s tweets, while […]

Woman Forced to Remove Dying Tree, Turns It Into Tiny Library Instead

When city workers of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho told Sharalee Armitage Howard they would have to remove a huge 110-year-old tree from her front yard, she was saddened. Determined to preserve whatever she could of the beautiful tree, she decided to turn the tree’s trunk into a free neighbourhood library with the help of the nonprofit […]

Theranos documentary review: The Inventors horrifying optimism

A blood-splattered Theranos machine nearly pricks an employee struggling to fix it. This gruesome graphical rendering is what you’ll walk away with from HBO’s “The Inventor.” It finally gives a visual to the startup’s laboratory fraud detailed in words by John Carreyrou’s book “Bad Blood.” The documentary that premiered tonight at Sundance Film Festival explores […]