Review: Amazon’s ‘Clifford the Big Red Dog’ Is a Charming Update for Kids

Im not a parent, but like many of the grown-ups wholl be watching this new animated series with their little ones, I grew up with Clifford the Big Red Dog. My mom read the Norman Bridwell picture books to me when I was little, and since I have a sister whos seven years younger than me, I even watched a great deal of Cliffords 2000-2003 PBS cartoon.

Its easy to see why Clifford the Big Red Dog is an appealing IP to reboot for the streaming era. Theres a timeless appeal to what if a little girl lived on an island with a brightly colored dog the size of a house. Kids love dogs, kids love giant things, and there are few limits to what you could do with such a simple premise.

Clifford the Big Red Dog

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