Self publishing books

Guide To Self Publishing Books Which Will Make Your Writing Go Public

Have a thought in mind, and you have scribbled that on paper with your confident or unconfident words, that is what writing is all about. And then you will see that you have a smaller or bigger compilation. This is what makes your book, your own book which you have written. But now what? The book is done, and you no want the world to read it, to know about it. Well it is now that you would like the book to go public, and that is when you publish the book. But until you are settled and acclaimed writer, it won’t be easy for you to get the book published by famous publishing houses. But there is always a way, and it is self publishing. You can always choose for self publishing books, and this way, you will be keeping the royalty for sale, and you will be responsible for the editing, release and all.


Deciding for self publishing books

Once you decide that you want to self publish your book, you will have to decide whether you want a hard or soft covered paper book, or want to go with ebooks. There are things to consider while deciding. Publishing a paper book will be costly, as you will have to bear the expense on yours, and when it’s an ebook, then publishing becomes much cheaper. The better path is to go the ebook way, as there is never a surety that the book will sell or get popular, as the competition is strong with the line of budding authors. But an ebook will help you keep check on the expenses, as you may again come up with another book in future which will make you spend more.

Selecting a self publisher

The next step is selecting a publisher. There are several sites online which are good platforms for self publishing books. You must go through the expenses required through each platform, and the advantages offered, before selecting one. All platforms are mere ebook making online applications, which will let you through a guided tutorial to edit, sort and compile the ebook.

Finalizing book name

Once the book is published, and it gets popular, it will get sold, and people would search online for it by typing its name, or the author name. Here you must be careful beforehand not to use a name for the book, or a pseudo author name which relates to something very common, popular and strikingly similar already available online. This may lead to confusions, and will go against the optimization of the ebook. Self publishing books on the internet is a tactful thing, and you must know to handle it well by being organized with the book name and the author name with uniqueness.


Creating the ebook

Self publishing books online requires you to be easy with the self publishing books software or application. Most applications have a guided tutorial, and you will get an easy way through the guide to select pictures, write synopsis edit pages, design pages, and finally compose the ebook. The process is fun and learning is exciting while you make your first ebook for public release.

Marketing for the ebook

Just creating the book and publishing it doesn’t ends up the process which will lead to success stores for the book. Rather you will have to concentrate on the marketing and advertisement of the book. You may take it this way that the money you may have reserved by picking an ebook release over a paper book release can be used in the promotion of the ebook. Besides, if you tie up with amazon or other names or consider self publishing books on Kindle, then half of your headache for marketing will be gone.