The web’s most pressing questions about Geralt of Rivia, answered

Hype around NetflixsThe Witcher, which premiered Dec. 20, is still going strong, and interest in Geralt of Rivia is rising right along with it.

Considering the slew of broken heartsGame of Thrones season 8 left in its wake, its not surprising that fantasy fans were looking for a new obsession. Thankfully, Netflix was well aware of the hole HBOs popular series was going to leave. The Witcher perfectly fills this void, bringing all the gory medieval action, complex and intriguing magic, and heartfelt characters a fantasy buff could ask for.

As viewers flock to The Witcher, however, many find themselves with questions about the characters, including Geralt. Thankfully, I am here to answer the webs most pressing queries about the famed Butcher of Blaviken.

Who is Geralt of Rivia?

Lets start with the basics.

Anyone new to The Witcher fandom might be surprised to learn that Geralt has a long history. The character first appeared in a series of books before graduating to video games, comic books, and eventually Netflix. Even a few movies were thrown in there. However, despite these many appearances, Geralts new fanbase likely knows him from the video games or Netflix series.

Son of sorceress Visenna and warrior Korin, Geralt of Rivia spent most of his childhood in the Witcher keep Kaer Morhen. He excelled at his training and easily bested his trials, even surviving additional mutations. The only of his fellows to survive these extra mutations, Geralt emerged with even greater capabilities and snow-white hair.

Surprisingly, Geralt is not actually from the city of Rivia. When veteran Witcher Vesemir encouraged Geralt and his fellow trainees to adopt relatable surnames, Geralts first choice was denied. He instead settled for of Rivia, a name that quickly stuck. To gain the trust of his potential employers, Geralt even adopted a Rivian accent. Now thats commitment.

Who created Geralt of Rivia and The Witcher series?

Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski released the first entry inThe Witcher saga in 1993. Over two decades, Sapkowski released eight books chronicling the adventures of Geralt and Cirilla, his child of destiny. The series became a cult classic in Poland and reached varying levels of popularity in several other countries.

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