What Method?: The Different Ways An Actor Can Train by Jessie Fahay

Book Summary:
There are many methods an actor may choose to study. What do all of these methods really do for the actor’s instrument? Is there a method that works best for you? Which one speaks to you? Where should you look for instructors who teach these methods? This short and practical guidebook gives you the nuts and bolts of four pinnacle training methods, sample exercises for each method, examples of actors who have used these methods, the places where you can find these methods being taught, and further in-depth literature on each method. The next steps are up to you.

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“Fahay has a positive, forthright tone to her words of wisdom coming from experience. She acknowledges that acting and performing is hard work and takes a great deal of practise. At times it may even seem painful, but she says it isn’t, because “our work is something we love doing.” Fahay offers four major types of training that may fit in any combination for any type of performer. She also acknowledges what methods certain recognizeable actors have regularly used so that a prospecting actor can see where he or she may fit. Finally, Fahay has a composite of resources for aspiring actors to look into but never fails to recognize that constant practise and experimenting is the key to fulfillment. Bravo to her debut effort. This is an essential tool.”

Author Bio:
Jessie Fahay is a New York based actress, singer, producer who is out make a difference through artistic expression. With extensive experience in Personal and Professional growth, she is constantly researching and questioning human behavior. She has attained an MBA and MFA and is the proud founder of the award-winning performing arts company, RIPPLE EFFECT ARTISTS, which has been in existence for 10 years, employing Equity Actors and using the Arts to raise awareness and funds for Human Rights Initiatives. For project updates, visit www.jessiefahay.com or www.rippleeffectartists.com.